3 girls/4 boys



The mother is our German foundation bitch Ndoki Heading North Hawa and the father is the handsome Finnish male Riziki Esteban Vihaio «Sisu». Both parents are perfectly healthy and also have ancestors who have lived long and healthy lives. The COI of the litter is 0.49% in 5 generations.

Sisu is a strong and balanced male without any exaggerations. He have a beautiful masculine head and excellent groundcovering movements. He also is a very versatile ridgeback with lots of confidence and curiosity. He is easy going and goes along with everyone. Sisu have passed the Finnish mentality test and have done all the necessary health tests with excellent results.

Hawa is a strong, but feminine female with a beautiful head and expression. Like Sisu, she also have long and effortless movements. She is active, curious and playful when outside and very affectionate and loving with those she loves. Hawa have passed the Norwegian mentality test and have done all the necessary health tests.

Both Sisu and Hawa have great working abilities, are excellent tracking dogs with lots of endurance and they both do really well in the show ring. We aim to breed as close to the origin as possible, and we belive that this combination will produce beautiful, functional and healthy family dogs. 



Riziki Esteban Vihaio

Born: 27.07.2012

Father: Ch. Bawabu Runinura Rafiki

Mother: Ch. Riziki Azali Welmu

Owner: Laura Mikkonen

Breeder: Kennel Riziki, Finland

Height: 67 cm

Weight: 42 kg

HD: A/A 

ED: 0/0

Teeth: Full set, correct bite

B-locus: B/b

D-locus: D/D

EOAD: Clear

DM: Clear 

JME: Clear 

Mentality tested


Ndoki Heading North Hawa

Born: 11.06.2016

Father: Ch. Evergraces League Of Legends Jax 

Mother: Ch. Ndoki Etara Kiruna

Owner: Kennel Hawuna

Breeder: Kennel Ndoki, Germany

Height: 67 cm

Weight: 40 kg

HD: A/A (NKK) A1 (VDH)

ED: 1/0 (NKK) 0/0 (VDH)

Teeth: Full set, correct bite

B-locus: B/B 

D-locus: D/d 

EOAD: Clear

DM: Clear 

JME: Clear 

Mentality tested

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